How I survived 9 months of travelling with my family

One Last Day

We have been in Florida for two weeks! It’s been great! We have been to Aquatica, Sea World, Universal Studios, and Discovery Cove. At Discovery Cove, I swam with dolphins! I got to ride the dolphins, touch them, and they did some tricks for us! Also, we snorkelled with HUGE rays! And I mean huge! Also we swam with lots of tropical fish! That was in Kissimmee. The last 3 days we have been at Universal Studios. It has been fun. There’s lots of rides. My favourite was Seuss Landing. It is all cool shapes and Seussy stuff. There’s Cicus MakGirkus and Snookers and Snookers sweet Candy Cookers. And the signs say Here and There and Near and Far and That Way and This Way! It has some rides like the Sneetches Trolly and the Cat in the Hat ride. It’s very fun. In the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there is 3 roller coasters: the dragon challenge which is 2, and the Flight of the Hippogriff, a not too fast and not too high family coaster that I went on 4 times. Jurassic Park is very fun too, we went on a Pteradon flying ride. I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow we are going to Miami to stay one night at the airport hotel, and then the next day we go to the airport to get on a plane to Toronto, then to HOME! It feels like just yesterday we were hiking in Italy or eating fresh waffles in Belgium, or even going to the CN tower! It really does! This trip has passed so quickly! I’m sad that its over, and a teeny bit nervous for school, but I’m excited to see all my friends and family! Plus, at the end of June, we are getting a PUPPY! I’ve been waiting for like 4 years!!!!! 🙂

Me on Flight of The Hippogriff, with Dixie, Discovery Cove, and Seuss Landing






Discovery Cove Dolphin Facts

– The dolphin we swam with (Dixie) is 40 years old

– The oldest dolphin there is 45 years old

– Dolphins are born with 80-100 teeth

– Each dolphin’s tail ruggedness is unique to them

– Dixie has a calf that’s 9 months old

Commerson’s Dolphins

– Females have a black boomerang shape

– Males have a black tear drop shape

Me with Dixie



School Dinners, SATS, and Lots of Maths

IMG_2174Yesterday, I went to my cousin’s school for a day to see what English school is like. First, I met the teacher, who they call Sir, and hung my coat in the “cloak room”. We did maths (that’s what they call it here) all morning then went outside. It was dark, dreary and freezing cold. There was a fenced off paved area with a teeny park in the corner. That was what we had to play in. In my school, we have a HUGE playground, two turf fields, and all of behind our school. After break, we did some Literacy. We walked over to the “dining hall” for lunch. We went up with a tray and the dinner ladies gave us a slice of turkey, roast potatoes and carrots. Also a slice of cake. We ate school dinner which was VERY different from our lunchtime in Canada. It was yummy! We walked inside and me and my cousin went to MathsBooster to practice maths for 15 minutes. Then we joined everyone else outside. Sir did a 9 minute (I counted) speech on how the class had SATS in 6 weeks, and how they usually do something else in the afternoon. But we had to do maths all afternoon to practice for SATS, which I think is a massive test. It was supposed to be arts and crafts, thats why we chose for me to go on a Thursday, but oh well, good for me to do math, I guess. Anyway,we went out for a short break in the front area. When we went inside, and did a little activity where you make up who would have been the 6th child from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Mine was Paul Pranker who was always pulling pranks. We went to a quick assembly and then school was over. I was surprised how normal being in class felt. When we were in class, I felt like I had been there forever. I am really glad I went because it was very cool to see how different school is in another country.

This is my school:


British Baking

cake meA few days ago, I mentioned that we had a lot of lemons in the fruit bowl, and not many apples. Then, my Aunt Paula said that me and my cousin Evie should bake lemon cakes, because Evie’s dad loves them. Usually my sister does all the baking, so I realized I hadn’t baked for ages! We made two lemon cakes, and added some raspberries for extra delight. We drizzled some homemade lemon glace on top. I put 3 raspberries in the middle of mine. Baking brought back so many lovely memories of baking gingerbread men at Christmas time.

At supper time, we got together and I cut the cake. It was thankfully delicious! One of the best cakes I had ever tasted if I may say so myself. It was lovely and moist. Everyone loved it!

My new love of baking led me to making a delicious raspberry-chocolate chunk cake topped with chocolate glacé.

We ate that last night, and it was just as good, and my decoration had improved a great deal too. I found a new love, and it all began with lots of lemons!

raaaaaaaaaaaspberry slicey dicey lumpy kinkaju ingrediants annie rose cake _

Ye Old Scotland

We have been in Scotland for 5 nights, and I have learnt lots. Scotland really does have lots of legends, like Nessie the Loch Ness monster, and Greyfriar’s Bobby,( a man with a very loyal dog who was said to sit on the man’s grave for 40 years after he died!) Scotland is a magical place. The Highlands, and the huge snowy mountains and deep forests. If you have not seen the movie Brave, you really should. We watched it 4 times already, but once in Scotland and it seemed so real. Then we baught the Brave soundtrack CD, and listening to that in the car while driving around the Scotland highlands was AMAZING! I totally recommend Scotland and Brave. We also went on a Harry Potter trail. We went to see J.K Rowling’s handprints, and the cafe that she wrote the books in, and lots more places where she got inspiration!

Scotland- where legends come to life.







How to Survive your family while travelling: Chocolate

One of the things that comforts me while travelling is eating chocolate. The chocolate in England is delicious!!! I love chocolate oranges so much! Chocolate brings back memories of Christmas and home.


The Cabin

A few weeks ago, my family went to my mom and dad’s friends Billy and Pam’s cabin in the Lake District. It was the first time I’d been in 4 years, and I had SO much fun! Billy is a complete adventure lover. We got there late afternoon, and we helped Pam fill up the bird feeders with nuts and seeds, and scatter some seeds on the ground. There is a huge window on one wall, looking into into the front of the woods, where the feeders are. There is LOADS of wildlife to see there like red squirrels, pheasants, sparrows, blackbirds, badgers and more! We saw pheasants, girl and boy, lots of birds and a squirrel! We then went for a walk in the wood till dark! Then we drove to a little town called Keswick for curry! When we got back we watched Nativity. We went to sleep and the next day some friends came over and Billy made 20 pizzas! One of the kid friends is very adventurous and we played outside in the dark with walkie talkies! It was SO fun! I love going to the cabin, we are going again next week. I can’t wait!










The Royal Armouries

My class is apparently learning about medieval England, so today, we went to the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds. These are a few pictures from the museum.

The first picture is the Hall of Steel. The display has more than 2500 pieces of armour, mostly consisting of 17th century armour and 19th century military equipment.

This picture is a medieval dude. He has a longbow weapon. His helmet is called an Archers Helm or Archers Sallet.

This photo is of a man that was was doing a demonstration of the weapons and armour used in the medieval tournaments. The biggest helmet you can see in the background is called the frog-mouthed helm also known as the Brocas helm. It was used in Jousting. It has a slit in the top, so the knights had to tilt their heads downwards to see, then quickly put their heads forwards before the wooden lance splinters wouldn’t go into their eyes. The wooden lances only hit one side of their face, so the other side of the helmet has breathing holes in, and is solid on the side where the lance hit them. Wow!

This picture is a wooden model of the inside of part of a medieval castle.

That is the medieval archer dude again. He’s a bit dirty, isn’t he?


And finally, me! Me holding a medieval sword. It would have been used in the 11th century Tourneys. The knights in the Tourneys fought with blunt swords like the one I’m holding. This sword was very heavy!


Other cool stuff we saw:
At the Armouries right now, they have a display of the REAL swords they used in the Hobbit movie! Here are some:



These are some knights on horses.

This is elephant armour! It has recently entered the Guiness World Records for the biggest and heaviest armour in the world. They used to even put swords on the end of the elephants tusks. It is the only near complete elephant armour in the world.

This is me wearing a little kid’s toy wooden helmet, and the next one is me trying on the tournament Armoured glove that locked your sword onto your hand so you couldn’t drop it. If you dropped it, you would be out of the tournament. A few years after that, they banned the gloves because they decided it was cheating!



Back in England!

Well, I know I haven’t blogged for AGES, and in that ages we did lots of things like, we stayed in the Pyrenees mountains, France for a month, which was absolutely AMAZING! I can’t even find words to describe it! It was beautiful, calm, quiet, definitely not busy at all, very peaceful, and a great place to relax after… The Robbery. You see, we went back through Rome and went to see the Colloseum, for 2 hours, parked our car on a street close to the metro station, and when we got back our car window was smashed, and pretty much all of our luggage was gone. Including electronics, books, clothes, toiletries, and our teddies we’ve had since we were babies! I really loved my teddies and they were a very important part of me. That scenario was just a disaster through and through! Then we got to the mountains. We met a very kind shepherdess who let us play with her dogs every day, and she showed us her rabbits and baby bunnies, gave us her fresh lettuce, and fresh eggs from her chickens! She had 4 lovely, friendly dogs ( 2 border collies, a small long furry dog, and a fuzzy border collie puppy!) who I became very good friends with and gave biscuits to. We left for Tarragona, Spain on November 4th. It was very lovely there and there’s lots of beaches. There’s some ruins in the Old Town too! We stayed in a house in a little village. It was quite often very sunny and we had a roof top garden with sunchairs and a table! We were there for a week and then drove 10 hours in two days to Paris! It was very nice there and we stayed just a few blocks from the Moulin Rouge! There is SO much to see in Paris! We went to see as much as we could in 2 days! Eiffel Tower, Catacombs, Arc de Triumph, Champs de Élysées and more. Half the things we went to were closed on the exact day we went to see them! Because of a strike. Next we went to Brugge, Belgium which was lovely and Brugge is very quiet and beautiful. There are lots of chocolate shops! We took the ferry from Zebrugge back to Hull, England! The ferry was overnight with an onboard cinema, shop, and restaurant which we went to all of them. I really enjoyed the ferry and I want to go back to Brugge! We have had a lovely Christmas and I hope you did too!

20130227-174455.jpg Pyrenees special spot



20130227-174658.jpg entrance to Mont Louis

20130227-174956.jpg Tarragona- me on the roof






20130227-175605.jpg. Waffles in Belgium- delish! With bananas and chocolate! Double delish!


Santorini and Souvlaki

We stayed in santorini for 4 days. It was very enjoyable. All the churches have blue domes on top. There are donkeys everywhere! It was very cool and we discovered that there is a Greek eye thing that keeps evil away. Some Greek foods are: gyros: shaved meat, lettuce, tzatziki (a yogurty dip), all in a fresh pita. Chicken souvlaki, yummy chicken on a kebab stick, you can have it in pita bread, with pita bread, with fries, or salad. It’s my favorite! Also there is Greek salad, which you always get with a fuge chunk of feta cheese on top. I loved the donkeys and the little town. There are a lot of little souvenir shops and Greek clothes shops. There are beautiful views and gelatos!!!!